Guide SMEs through their digital transition

The SME Solutions division supports its customers in their digital transition by offering cloud-based software solutions in SaaS mode.  

From desktop machines to mailroom equipment 

While physical mail volumes continue to decline, sending items by post remains time-consuming and franking is still a significant cost for a lot of companies. With its extensive range of digital and connected mailing systems and folder inserter systems, Neopost has simple and efficient mail solutions for the smallest to the largest organizations across all industries, suitable for all volumes and content types, from transactional to marketing. Neopost also provides a suite of related services, including equipment leasing and, in some countries, postage financing.

Paperless systems and hybrid mail

Electronic invoicing is increasingly common, driven by regulatory changes. It requires integrated systems that provide traceability, security, legal archiving and electronic signature functions. Drawing on its experience in the development of solutions approved and certified by the relevant authorities, Neopost now provides SMEs with SaaS/Cloud electronic mail solutions. 
Neotouch is Neopost’s solution for dematerialization. Available in the Cloud, the application manages the dispatch of documents by mail, email or SMS. There is also a certified electronic signature function as well as an archiving function. Already available in France, the application will be launched in the United States and the United Kingdom in 2017. It is also intended to launch the solution in other countries. Data Capture Solutions (DCS) in the UK offers a comprehensive range of software and services enabling customers to have a truly digital mailroom, which can digitally capture documents, automate the processing of information and document flows and manage the electronic storage.

Expert technologies for SMEs

In addition to mail processing systems, Neopost brings SMEs solutions that are easy to implement and affordable. This is the case, for example, of OMS-500 software, which is designed for small businesses to manage their customer communications. 
Leveraging its know-how in parcel tracking and management, Neopost is also expanding its range in this area to take advantage of Cloud hosting. The model means that businesses no longer have to pay license and installation fees for new software. To optimize parcel dispatch costs, a shipping platform accesses real-time information on the delivery services available, up-to-date rates, functions to select and confirm recipients’ addresses and print certified address labels, as well as a set of track and trace tools (track transactions, check delivery status, monitor costs, etc.). In North America, franking machines also include an option to use postal operators’ franking and shipping services for parcels.

« Increasingly digital, mail is essential to business life. It is used to communicate with customers, prospects, suppliers and administrative authorities. Interactions are many, varied and complex: sending, receiving, connecting, invoicing, canvassing, targeting, informing, digitizing, storing, etc. » Dennis Lestrange, SME Solutions COO. 


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From desktop machines to mailroom equipment 

For very low volumes, Neopost has compact and easy-to-use desktop machines. Systems to handle large volumes are more sophisticated. They are designed to automate mail flow production from insertion of content into envelopes, weighing, calculating postage to franking. Processing costs are optimized, manual tasks are minimized, franking is calculated accurately, and shippers can generally take advantage of preferential postal rates.

Customer communications management at SMEs

The OMS-500 software is tailored to the needs of SMEs. It enables creation of physical and digital communications, taking into account the preferences of each customer. It then sends the right mail to the right person at the right time via the right distribution channel, whether physical mail, email or another channel.

Automated mail assembly solutions

Neopost’s mail assembly offer helps enterprises automate the manual process of filling envelopes with a range of high-performing folder inserters to meet low, medium and high output needs, improving the overall productivity of your mail center.