The world has changed

Accessibility to the internet and the insatiable mobility of commerce have inspired a new generation of shoppers. A generation united by their collective desire to experience the world on their own terms. This desire for personalization and connected experiences have led many retailers, technology providers and carriers alike to re-imagine their eCommerce supply chain in the context of the contemporary customer journey.

The Future of e-Commerce Supply Chain 

The Neopost Shipping division combines the power of Temando & Proship’s enterprise grade, multi-carrier shipping and tracking software, the CVP 500 automated packaging system and the Packcity automated locker system into a single portfolio of innovative solutions across the eCommerce supply chain.
Neopost Shipping supports thousands of customers, shipping hundreds of millions of parcels and processes billions of data transactions every year.

Neopost Shipping's global footprint

Neopost Shipping has a presence in Europe (France, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom), the United States and in the Asia-Pacific region (Australia and Japan). It employs more than 400 people, half of whom work on developing products and technology. Research and development is coordinated between the centers in France (Cavaillon), the United States (Milwaukee) and Australia (Sydney, Brisbane). The CVP-500 automated packing system was developed and is assembled in Drachten in the Netherlands.


« As a leader in eCommerce supply chain solutions we are dedicated to helping businesses re-orientate around the customer and deliver innovative shipping experiences from cart to customer that drive revenue and efficiency across their operations. » Daniel Malouf, Neopost Shipping COO.


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