For retailers, corporations, property management firms and shipping carriers who need to manage a growing volume of deliveries and returns, our Parcel Locker solutions provide a smart, automated, and secure pick-up and drop-off solution.

For shipping carriers

Our Parcel Locker Solutions optimize parcel management for shipping carriers and eliminate the need for multiple deliveries and re-delivery attempts. Shipments are consolidated to a single location point, saving time and money.

Reduce operational costs

Our Parcel Locker Solutions reduce the cost of parcel delivery and collection and enable mass-delivery to a centralized and secure location that is accessible 24/7, eliminating the need for staffed pick-up drop-off (PUDO) points.

Full tracking for total security

With full chain-of-custody tracking and monitoring ability, our Parcel Locker Solutions provide complete control and accountability over every parcel with a log of every package drop-off and pickup.

For corporations, property management, and higher education

Improve resident and employee experience

Parcels are retrieved quickly and securely, at the recipient’s convenience. No need to worry about mailroom opening hours. Choose e-mail or text notifications to simplify parcel collection.

Reduce operational costs

Eliminate the hours wasted each week accepting, sorting, and distributing packages.

Mitigate risk

Parcels are stored safely in theftproof lockers. By storing parcels in a secure place as soon as they arrive, mailroom employees no longer have to supervise parcels or manage sensitive, valuable, or urgent packages.

For retailers and e-commerce

Enhance the customer experience

Make the retrieval of online orders faster, easier, and more convenient. Our Parcel Locker Solutions provide instant notifications to alert customers the moment their package is ready for pick-up. Customers collect parcels quickly with no queuing required.

E-commerce organizations without brick and mortar locations have the opportunity to take advantage of significant cost-savings and convenient return processes by offering secure pick-up and drop-off in a centralized location. 

Improve efficiency

Enable employees to focus on in-store engagement, not package management. Boost inventory audits and online order fulfillment and save time with a streamlined customer pick-up process.

Drive incremental revenue

Drive additional in-store purchases, increase foot traffic, improve online sales with free shipping, and strengthen your brand image with a state-of-the-art, customizable solution for improved customer experience and loyalty.


Neopost's product benefits. Convenient: Our lockers are typically installed in central locations allowing your client to pick up their packages at their convenience 24/7. Secure: Entirely secured and built with a steel-construction, our lockers log for every drop and pick up. A unique pickup code is sent to the recipient by e-mail or SMS. Simple: With an entire visibility of the parcel tracking, you will be able to save time and resources by streamlining your parcel management process. Customizable: With customizable lockers, you can decide of their sizes and personalize it with your company’s logo. Everything is created to meet the needs of your business.


“By building a strong value proposition in Parcel Lockers solutions for all the verticals we address, we want Neopost to become a strong leader in every country we do business in.”
Daniel Malouf, Chief Solution Officer Parcel Locker Solutions.