Whether your activity demands lower, higher volumes, or digitalized mail, we have the products to fulfill your needs and adapt to fast-changing markets. More than ever, we will be at your side to enhance your customer experience, comply with regulations and optimize the costs thanks to our mail-related solutions.

Guide your company through the digital transition

Our complete hardware and software solutions help businesses of all sizes, enabling efficient and seamless mail processing and giving them control on their expenses. It also mitigates risk thanks to reporting and tracking of items through all mailroom processes, providing an information that is becoming increasingly vital for businesses. Lastly, relying on accurate delivery and personalization of mail content, businesses can reinforce their customers’ engagement, which helps generate additional revenue.  

Simplify mail 

For companies with lower volumes in mail, this means taking fewer trips to the post office, not having to manage stamps, generating parcel labels easily, and so forth. For companies with more complex mail processes, simplicity comes in the form of automation of mail preparation and compliance with diverse postal rules, taking the risk out of mail processing.

Mailrooms' choice

We help mailrooms to do business with local postal services, making it simpler and more cost-effective. Our solutions fold and smartly insert documents into envelopes. They also put correct addresses, weigh the documentation or the parcels, and ensure the right postage value is printed on the shipping label. And as business activities evolve towards handling ever more parcels on a regular basis, driven by market and consumer behavior changes, we offer advanced software applications alongside our franking machines, to facilitate package shipments for the mailroom, including postage discounts in some countries. Our mail related solutions demonstrate real benefits in a context of strong growth in e-commerce.


"We will continue rolling out our various solutions across the geographies, in line with postal compliance, with a specific focus in the US."
Jeff Crouse, Chief Solution Officer Mail Related Solutions. 



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