Built on generations of personal and practical experience, supported by cutting edge technology, our mailing solutions put your customer’s experience first. Accurate, timely, personalized, and low-cost mail is the foundation of your most important customer communications.

Reduce operational expenses

By streamlining mail production at every stage, from filling envelopes automatically to rapidly posting outbound mail, our solutions create operational efficiencies that keep your costs in check. With user-friendly software that compares package delivery services across multiple carriers, our solutions help to reduce shipping costs. From mailing to shipping, our technology provides clear insight into your spending and activity trends. All the analytics you need to set budgets, allocate resources, and make informed business decisions are always at your disposal. When it comes time to outsource your mail production or digitize your mail, our mailing solutions enable you to seamlessly make the transition, reducing your operating cost at every stage.

Eliminate risk

Ensuring every customer’s envelope contains the right documents is more important than ever. Removing the potential for human error safeguards your company’s reputation and prevents compliance exposure for regulated communications. By reading integrity codes printed on your documents, our systems securely automate and monitor every step of the mail assembly process – even when envelope contents vary by customer – providing both peace of mind and absolute proof of compliance.

Create more opportunities

Maximize the revenue-generating potential of every mail piece you send. Get invoices and advertisements to the right person in less time and watch your cash flow accelerate. Enhance the selling power of your documents with personalized offers printed in attention-grabbing color. Easily customize the contents of each customer’s envelope using targeted marketing enclosures to drive incremental sales. Produce stand-out direct mail pieces that take your responses rates to the next level. With detailed, accurate cost tracking and reporting, you will transform your mailing operation from a cost center to a profit center.

"We will continue rolling out our various solutions across the geographies, in line with postal compliance, with a specific focus in the US."

Jeff Crouse, Chief Solution Officer Mail Related Solutions. 



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