Our portfolio of industry-leading Customer Experience Management (CXM) solutions help companies create a nimble, effective, and unified customer communications infrastructure to deliver a complete omnichannel customer experience that spans the entire customer journey.

One platform, unlimited channels

Our award-winning and market-dominating customer communications management (CCM) platform, enables organizations to create and deliver personalized, compliant customer communications across all channels, from one centralized hub. It facilitates collaboration, integration, and connections that aren’t possible with disconnected project or channel-based approaches.

Empower business users, reduce silos

Reduce strain on IT and meet consumer demands by empowering business users to make content changes to customer communications quickly and easily. Business users are given access to pre-defined content blocks through a web browser. Administrators specify which templates may be accessed by whom and what changes may be made to ensure brand consistency and compliance. Our synchronized omnichannel preview then enables managerial staff to review the output in every format (mobile, tablet, web, etc.) for fast approval and improved customer satisfaction.

Speed digital transformation

Our technology integrates with existing legacy IT systems and offers flexible implementation options, including on-premise, hybrid, and cloud solutions for a variety of users and business requirements. Our powerful migration solution applies artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to the time-consuming problem of retiring legacy CCM systems, saving thousands of person-hours.

Elevate the customer experience, improve market share

Make onboarding quick and convenient with digital forms that are pre-populated with your customers’ data. Add dynamic elements to complex communications to make it simple for your customers to sort through important information with interactive charts, graphs, and sliders. Leverage customer data to position upsell and cross-sell promotions tailored to your customers’ unique needs.

Take action to improve the customer journey

Our Customer Journey Mapping is the only cloud-based tool that connects all customer facing-communications to a customer journey map, ensuring every communication project is accountable to your enterprise CX strategy at the highest level.  Customer experience teams easily share feedback with business users directly through the tool, so improvements are made in real-time.


“Our platform serves as the communication backbone that supports key touchpoints throughout the customer journey, the ones that have the highest impact on the overall customer satisfaction.”
Christian Hartigan, Chief Solution Officer Customer Experience Management.


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