Our Business Process Automation (BPA) solutions help small and medium-sized organizations optimize operational costs, improve the customer and employee experience, and drive business growth by automating business-critical outbound and inbound processes.  


Increase business velocity, maximize employee efficiency

Small and medium-sized business are consistently resource-constrained.  Employees wear multiple hats and must move between tasks, always reprioritizing based on changing business demands.  Business growth is dependent upon employee capacity.  However, when business processes are automated, high-value employees may focus on high priority tasks, allowing them to spend more time driving core business objectives and accelerating growth.

Future-proof your business with a configurable and scalable solution

Our BPA solutions leverage existing business intelligence to automate or eliminate outbound and inbound document processes.  Our technology gives you the flexibility to automate what you need, when you need it, allowing you to evolve at your own pace, without the need to invest in new technology down the road.

Remain competitive, exceed customer expectations

Many organizations focus on sales and marketing activities and overlook post-sale interactions such as invoice and statement delivery, payment remittance, and notifications.  These interactions are where we make good on our customer promise and create customers for life. Delivering customer documents securely through their preferred channel, and providing easy access for response or remittance improves the experience and provides a meaningful competitive advantage.


“We have a deep understanding of the challenges small and medium businesses face when considering the digitalization of their business processes, especially for managing their back-office documents.”
Alyna Wnukowsky, Chief Solution Officer Business Process Automation.


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