Business process automation transforms the way companies manage internal workflows through digitalization and automation, replacing a series of manual tasks for more efficiency, quality and resource optimization. Our software solutions help these businesses optimize costs while mastering regulation, enhancing their processes and improving customer satisfaction.

One simple online platform

Regardless of industry, volume size, or ERP system, Neopost will be at your side to help you to optimize your business processes through automation based on your needs. Neopost has developed an end-to-end global platform that allows you to handle all your receivables and payables processes in one place. This platform is a cloud-based software that maintains the highest security standards globally and complies with worldwide regulation. Through business process automation, you can streamline your entire invoice to cash process from invoice delivery through to payment and collection seamlessly and efficiently.

Accounts Receivable Automation

Automate the invoice delivery and improve traceability

When it comes to delivering customer invoices, the Neotouch solution will process invoices submitted automatically from your business application or ERP. Based on your customers’ delivery preferences, the invoices can be delivered through different channels: paper, email, customer web portal, or EDI. In real-time, you know exactly which invoices have been received, disputed and overdue.

Enhance your Customer Relationships

Make it easier for your customers to do business with you- your end customers can retrieve all their invoices in a web portal where they can be archived up to 10 years. They can log a dispute, interact with you live and pay your invoices online. This helps to resolve disputed invoices effectively and have an effect in you DSO reduction.

Easily transition to Business to Government (B2G) e-invoicing

The Neotouch solution helps businesses easily and quickly remain compliant with B2G e-invoicing (Chorus in France, PEPPOL in Europe, SDI in Italy…).

Accounts Payable Automation

Automate your supplier invoices process and enhance traceability

When it comes to receiving supplier invoices, the Neotouch solution can process paper invoices after scanning in addition to electronic invoices (PDF, EDI…). Our engine, based on Artificial Intelligence, extracts relevant data information resulting in accountants saving time by eliminating manual processes. Invoice approval could also be done at any time and from anywhere either through a web interface or via mobile application. Regardless of the ERP system, integration is fast and simple.
Customized dashboards also allow you businesses to follow up on real-time business trends and create customized KPIs.

Enhance your Supplier Relationships

Disputes are resolved quickly and seamlessly, allowing suppliers to track the approval of their invoices from an online portal. Both customers and suppliers can engage in live conversations and disputes without the hassle of multiple calls and emails exchanged back and forth.

Compliance and Security

Business documents are securely archived for the time period of your choice or as required by local authorities in our state-of-the-art data centers in compliance with GDPR, ISO27001, HIPAA, HITECH and ISAE-18 regulations.
We also ensure tax compliance on a global scale. 


“We have a deep understanding of the challenges small and medium businesses face when considering the digitalization of their business processes, especially for managing their back-office documents.”
Alyna Wnukowsky, Chief Solution Officer Business Process Automation.


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