September 3, 2015

Q2 2015 sales


- Strong growth continued in Communication & Shipping Solutions sales and Mail Solutions started to improve

- Sales rose 9.8% in Q2 2015, down 0.8% at constant scope and exchange rates



- Projected organic growth for FY 2015 sales narrowed to between -1% to +1%

- Confirmation of 2015 current operating margin (before acquisition-related expense) expected at between 19.5% and 20.5% of sales

Denis Thiery concluded:

We are determined to remain as resilient to market decline as possible in Mail Solutions. We are targeting increased market share, based on the high quality of our offering and the efficiency of our distribution network. We are entering the second half of the year with encouraging leads, especially in the United States. We are also expecting an uptick in high-end folders/inserters and we will benefit from a more favorable basis of comparison. Mail Solutions performance should therefore be stronger in H2. 

The current momentum behind Communication & Shipping Solutions is expected to continue, boosted by the synergies generated by the VAR programs, sales of OMS software suites and the Neotouch application. Our digital communication and software solutions dedicated units are predicted to enhance their performance, driven by more sustained growth by GMC, the roll-out of Packcity and the strong momentum generated by ProShip and Temando. We are on track to achieve our objective of 35% of total sales by CSS in the period 2017-2019.