November 16, 2011

Neopost wins world mail award for technology

The 2011 World Mail Award for Technology has been awarded to Neopost at a special event at the Conrad Hotel in Brussels.

The EC-500 is rewarded

Neopost won the award for its unique EC-500, an innovative solution for the control and validation of trays of mail in sorting centres. Neopost first developed the EC-500 for La Poste of France, which needed to enhance their control over the content of incoming trays of business mail. La Poste wanted to compare physical content with accompanying documentation in a cost-effective way in order to ensure accurate payment. Whereas trays containing near-identical mail pieces could be easily verified through sampling combined with weighing, the same method cannot be applied to trays containing mixed mail.


The EC-500 meets required accuracy thresholds without the need to remove envelopes from trays or to control ambient lighting. To count the number of mail pieces within each tray, laser technology formed the basis of the solution. Industry standard readers reading the barcode on each tray combine with a scale to determine tray weight. The tray is conveyed forward and back on a short belt under a laser “eye” in order to arrive at a correct count of envelopes.


Commenting on the award, Denis Thiery, Neopost’s President and Chief Executive Officer said,“The award is a proud moment for Neopost. In recent years, Neopost has been striving to work on a more strategic level with postal operators worldwide and we are now seeing the fruits of that investment. Today, Neopost is leading the way in developing innovative, practical solutions which help postal operators to control and account for their mail operations.”


The EC-500 solution was developed by Neopost’s Valipost subsidiary based in Lille, France.