June 21, 2012

Neopost Moves with RPost to Modernize the Mailroom

Neopost to modernize high value messaging for its 800,000 business customers worldwide by providing RPost Registered Email tracking, proof, encryption and e-signature services.

Today Neopost and RPost, the inventor of Registered Email® services, announced that Neopost will provide their business customers with the ability to send RPost Registered Email messages for time-stamped legal delivery proof, encrypted documents and email messages in compliance with data privacy mandates, and documents and forms sent to obtain recipient legal electronic signatures. The service may be used with the customers’ current desktop, web or mobile email software and email addresses. The Registered Email recipient does not require any special software to receive, open, read, sign or reply to Registered Email messages. Neopost is the top ranking mailroom solutions company in Europe and second in the world.


The RPost service will allow Neopost business customers to dramatically improve their digital transactions thanks to the RPost communications platform and its high value messaging services.


“We believe enabling RPost services for Neopost customers will expand overall Neopost message handling volumes,” comments RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “Our user data shows 75% of RPost volumes are migrations from traditional email and fax, and as such, we expect this RPost initiative to become a significant market expansion in terms of new message volumes handled by Neopost and new beneficial opportunities for Neopost customers to interact with Neopost.”


With RPost, Neopost moves further into the complete digital and physical mailflow market.

“For our business customers, many of whom are small and medium sized companies that need convenient to use, operationally efficient tools, we are extending our mailflow solutions to include Registered Email services,” adds Henri Dura, Managing Director Neopost Document Solutions. “With RPost, we bring far greater visibility and control to our customers who choose to conduct their business online, with the added benefit of irrefutable proof to protect against common misunderstandings related to email delivery, content or time.” He went on to say, “Our innovative solutions optimise our customers’ mailflow management, and now they will have access to our Registered Email services in one easy-to-use package.”


Simply put, Neopost customers can now track and prove, electronically, who said what to whom and when, and encrypt for privacy and compliance when personal information is included. Further, recording agreements electronically can now have all the legal force of a handwritten signature; and if there are disputes about who agreed to what and when, Neopost with RPost Registered Email services ensure electronically signed agreements withstand legal challenge, which makes all the difference when holding parties accountable to agreement terms and commitments.


“As businesses continue to modernise their processes with digital solutions, they soon realize plain email is not good enough for their consequential correspondence if receipt is denied, content is later disputed, or data should be transmitted privately,” added Khan. “Now, RPost and Neopost together eliminate this risk allowing customers to achieve their modernisation goals with specialized email services designed for high value correspondence, saving time and money, while providing them with the means to better serve their customers, manage corporate and legal responsibilities and reduce transactional problems.”


The core Registered Email service is now offered by Neopost Netherlands, and will subsequently be available worldwide. Neopost customers in the Netherlands should visit http://neopost.nl/aangetekende-e-mail.