March 14, 2013

Neopost Launches the DS-65 Mail Solution, Establishing a New Standard in Self Service Folder Inserters

Neopost, the leading creator of scalable business solutions for the postal and related digital world of tomorrow, launches the DS-65 mail solution, establishing a new standard in self service folder-inserters combining ease of use, flexibility, compactness and productivity.

A New Self-Service Easy-to-Use and Flexible Folder Inserter


Neopost, the leading creator in mail room and logistics solutions, announces the release of the DS-65 mail solution, a new self-service easy to use and flexible folder inserter which automatically processes all types of mail. This innovative desktop mail solution offers the latest hardware & software technology to easily process any type of mail at a finger tips.

The DS-65 mail solution consists of an inserter which includes the latest state of the art of hardware technology such as CIS scanner and Neopost document management software. The CIS scanner enables to read different types of codes (OMR or BCR) from one device, without requiring any adjustment. Neopost Document Management software enables to easily and quickly design any mail application where every recipient receives a different content. Combining optical reader and document management software the DS-65 mail solution allows also trans-promotional messages to easily be included in invoices, making it a very useful tool for direct marketing campaigns and business development.


DS-65 folding and inserting solution

From a user standpoint, special attention has been put on the user interface to enhance the ease of use. The DS-65 folder inserter has a bright color touch screen with a very intuitive user flow. The difficult task of programming jobs is history. The user just needs to load the machine with envelopes and documents and press start. This way, any member of your staff will be able to benefit from the DS-65.

Although the system is very compact, a vertical automatic 250 envelopes catch tray whose capacity matches that of the document feeder enhances the machine's autonomy by significantly reducing interruptions.

The DS-65 has the best folding capacity in its category. It can fold up to 8 (80 gr/m2) sheets; due to Neopost’s patented powerFold system which always guarantees an accurate fold. Not only the documents are in the right order but document integrity is preserved. This exclusive folding technology also significantly reduces the machine's noise level for better comfort.

The DS-65 also has an exclusive flexFeed technology which allows the processing of all document sizes with the same solution.The DS-65 can process easily different documents (invoices, statements, etc...) and as such provides a high level of flexibility to match any mail application. Documents of various sizes can be inserted and automatically processed without requiring any specific user settings.

Last but not least, thanks to its LAN connection DS-65 users can benefit from the quick and efficient support of the Neopost Customer Service teams who will remotely diagnose and immediately address any potential issue on the system.