February 25, 2016

Neopost Launches Shoeboxed in the US, a Pragmatic Digital Receipt Management Solution for SMBs

Digital Receipt Management Solution for small businesses (SMB)

Neopost, a leading supplier of communication solutions, today announced the launch of Shoeboxed in the U.S. Developed for small and medium businesses (SMBs), Shoeboxed, a certified by Neopost application, simplifies receipt and expense management by digitizing the traditionally paper-based process.

Adopt Digital Receipt Tracking

As small businesses experience growth and everyday business expenditure increases, the process of receipt and expense management becomes ever more cumbersome and prone to errors. This is where Shoeboxed, Certified by Neopost becomes a straightforward choice for efficiency. By offering multiple ways of submitting financial documents, from prepaid envelopes that can be filled with receipts to digital uploaders and email, businesses can get organized online and dedicate more time to their core business.

No More Tax Preparation Hassle

With Shoeboxed, small businesses can be confident that their receipt data is accurate and tax ready. With IRS (Internal Revenue Services) compliant digital receipts, safely stored and always available, they can maximize their tax deductions.

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