April 27, 2015

Neopost Launches OMS-200, the User-Friendly Document Management Software that Simplifies Customer Communications

OMS-200, Document Management Software

OMS-200: the new software solution from Neopost enhances the potential of the brand's folder inserters, lowering costs and improving productivity for users.

Bagneux, April 28, 2015 – Neopost, global leader in mailing solutions and a major player in digital communications and shipping solutions, continues to develop innovative software to help companies manage their communication flows. As part of this initiative, the brand has launched its new digital service: OMS-200. Designed to simplify the management and sending of customer communications, this web-based program helps enterprises get the most from their folder inserter and save on postal costs by grouping all documents into one single envelope.

Smart Software for Document Preparation

The OMS-200 software solution centralizes the preparation of documents for folder inserters, allowing users to: automate the creation of optical marks on documents before printing; automatically handle mail with a variable number of pages; merge different documents for the same customer and sort mail into batches so that the right document, with the right insert, is sent to the right customers.


Automate, Optimize and Collaborate

OMS-200 has a built-in template mechanism that automatically reproduces each stage of document preparation. And once a template has been created, it can be applied to any documents uploaded to OMS-200. This means users no longer have to spend time manually configuring their documents. The solution’s merging capacity groups together documents that share a single piece of information, such as customer ID, ensuring customers receive all of their communications in the same envelope. This collaborative tool is available to all employees and is easy to set up and use. OMS-200 can be accessed simultaneously by everyone in an enterprise and is compatible with most web browsers.


How it works

The OMS-200 flow management software is simple and flexible and can be integrated into any IT environment. It splits documents into categories according to the number of pages, adds inserts for selected recipients,  and converts one specific criterion  into a barcode or 2D code. Once documents have been printed they are then loaded into a folder inserter that reads the barcode and automatically processes the right number of pages and adds an insert if required.