April 1, 2015

Neopost Labs invests €5m in the seed fund Partech Entrepreneur II.

End of March, Neopost Labs invested €5m in the seed fund Partech Entrepreneur II.

Partech Ventures is a venture capitalist specialised in high-growth-potential Internet and Information Technology companies. Partech has a strong track record of investments in companies that went public successfully or that have been acquired by strategic players.

Partech was recently ranked by Prequin among the 10 best investment fund in technology worldwide and the first in Europe.


Neopost Labs is the Open Innovation initiative from Neopost. While all operations of Neopost could benefit from the activities of Neopost Labs, the main priority for the short term is to discover cloud-based applications that will be sold by our new dedicated unit SME Digital Solutions to our Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) customers. In order to do so, Neopost Labs forges links with the world of start-ups either directly or through third parties like incubators, accelerators or venture capitalists.


Partech Venture Entrepreneur II raised a total of €60m from 7 leading European corporations including Neopost as well as from 50 entrepreneurs. The fund intends to finance every month one start-up in the US and in France, with each investment ranging from €300K to €1m. Partech plans to make 70 deals in total, reserving about half of the funds for follow-up investments.


With this investment in Partech, Neopost Labs will have access to a deal flow a thousands of start-ups from Europe or the US that will certainly help us find very exciting solutions for SMEs.


Neopost Labs is lead by Philippe Boulanger, Chief Technical Officer of Neopost Group.


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