November 22, 2013

Neopost ID launches Packcity, a new network of automated lockers for picking up and dropping off parcels in France

Neopost ID today launched “Packcity”, a network of self-service automated lockers for picking up and dropping off parcels in France. An initial test phase has begun in the Paris region at convenience stores in town centres and within shopping malls.

PACKCITY: a new automated lockers service for picking up and dropping off parcels in France

Neopost ID, a Neopost Group subsidiary specialising in transport and logistics traceability solutions, has announced the launch of Packcity, a new way of receiving goods purchased online. Located in secure and easy-to-access high traffic areas, Packcity lockers are very simple to use. They enable online shoppers - most of whom are working and on the move - to make the most of their time by having their parcels delivered to the self-service pick-up point of their choice, which can be accessed during extended time slots. Recipients are sent a unique pick-up code by e-mail or text message when their parcel is available at the Packcity locker they have chosen. They then simply need to go to the locker, enter the code on the terminal screen and the door opens automatically. Packcity also allows shoppers to return purchases made online, easily and in less than a minute.


With its modular design, each Packcity locker can hold up to 110 parcels depending on the configuration

Working in partnership with key market players

For this pilot stage, Neopost ID has joined forces with Relais Colis, one of France’s leading names in delivering parcels to pick-up points. Relais Colis serves a large number of participating retailers, most of which already offer their customers the option of having their parcels delivered to a Packcity locker. The first of these lockers has just  been installed at the Monop’  store in Neuilly-sur-Seine and is  already operational. Further installations are currently in progress and are due to be brought into service before the Christmas period.

“Packcity is the logical next step-on from our positioning as a “facilitator” of parcel management through all stages of the Supply Chain. Neopost ID has already rolled out the largest network of secure postal lockers in Australia. The strength of our existing partnerships with leading carriers and shippers in France makes us all the more enthusiastic about the idea of launching the first Packcity units. We firmly believe that this provides a new solution which will contribute to the development of e-commerce by making the key issue of receiving parcels much simpler,” comments Alain Férard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Neopost ID. “Our aim is to offer an open network that allows all those involved in the sector - carriers, retailers and e-commerce customers - to access new services. Click & collect and concierge services, for example, are possible ways in which the Packcity service could be further developed over time,” he adds.

The rapidly expanding e-commerce market

According to Ecommerce Europe, online sales represented a volume of 3.5 billion parcels delivered in Europe in 2012. The size of the market in France is difficult to assess given the wide range of operators and calculation methods, but the volume generated by mail order and e-commerce can be estimated as being between 350 million and 380 million parcels per year.

Parcel delivery - the logical consequence of online shopping - represents a major challenge for online retailers. Customers are used to shopping at any time on the Internet. Neopost’s Packcity service allows these shoppers to collect their purchases at the time they choose.

Customer satisfaction and reduction in CO2 emissions

In the run-up to the Christmas period, thousands of parcels will be delivered each day and receiving them on time remains the main preoccupation of online shoppers. With fewer missed deliveries, fewer journeys for the delivery man, and guaranteed satisfaction for the customer, the e-retailer and the carrier, Packcity lockers help to reduce CO2 emissions related to the last-mile shipment and respect delivery times. The benefits are therefore shared by all parties involved in the chain.

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About Neopost ID

Neopost ID, a subsidiary of Neopost, develops and runs Track & Trace for companies that make up the supply chain such as carriers, postal companies and logistics specialists, as well as companies that use logistics processes, such as manufacturers and distributors. The company provides them with all components of a Track & Trace project, including hardware, software and interfaces, on-site deployment and maintenance and support services. It develops tailor-made traceability solutions and looks after their operation. Its solutions are able to cover all key processes such as data collection (via web technologies, bar codes, RFID etc.), data analysis and storage by implementing specialised hosted applications, and finally the retrieval of this value-added information.

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