Share capital

As of 31 July 2018, the amount of Neopost share capital stands at €34,562,912 divided into 34,562,912 ​ shares with a nominal value of €1.00 each.

Capital Structure

At 31 July 2018, Neopost S.A.’s share ownership was as follows:

(2) As at 31/01/2018.
(3) Including shares held by Denis Thiery, Chairman.
(4) Source: Nasdaq at 31 July 2018.

Threshold disclosure

Summary of Article 11 of the articles of association

In addition to the ownership disclosure requirements stated under articles L. 233-7 to L. 233-14 of the French Commercial Code, Neopost S.A. requires all shareholders whose ownership rises above 3%, and every subsequent 1%, to disclose any increase or decrease in their interest. This requirement was introduced by the shareholders’ meeting of 5 October 1998. Failure to comply with ownership disclosure requirements will lead to the withdrawal of voting rights for a period of 2 years from the date on which disclosure is finally made.

Neopost Data Sheet

Codes: ISIN code FR 0000120560 - Reuters code: NPOS.PA – Bloomberg code: NEO FP 
Listing market: A compartment of Euronext Paris 
Indices : SBF120


Capital allocation policy

The Group has decided to set its annual pay-out ratio at a minimum of 20% of the Group attributable net income with the minimum annual dividend set at an absolute floor of €0.50 per share. Dividend will be paid in cash and in one instalment.

2018 Dividend

The amount of the 2018 dividend will be announced with the annual results, on March 26, post market close.

Historical data

 Date* of the interim dividendAmount of the interim dividendDate* of the balance of the dividendAmount of the balance of the dividendAmount of the full year dividend

*Payment date