Threshold disclosure


summary of Article 11 of the articles of association

In addition to the ownership disclosure requirements stated under articles L. 233-7 to L. 233-14 of the French Commercial Code, Neopost S.A. requires all shareholders whose ownership rises above 3%, and every subsequent 1%, to disclose any increase or decrease in their interest. This requirement was introduced by the shareholders’ meeting of 5 October 1998. Failure to comply with ownership disclosure requirements will lead to the withdrawal of voting rights for a period of 2 years from the date on which disclosure is finally made.


At 31 January 2014*, seven investment funds owned more than 3%

First Eagle Investment Management LLC: 12.57%

MFS Investment Management: 8.34%

Alken Asset Management LLP: 8.29%

Columbia Wanger Asset Management LLC: 6.63%

Marathon Asset Management LLP: 5.14%

Mondrian Investment Partners Limited: 4.76%

Norges Bank Investments Management: 3,19%

*Source: Thomson Reuters