Philanthropy and employee volunteering

As a responsible player, Neopost gives great importance to the proximity of its teams and associations of general interest in local communities. Each division and its employees are thus encouraged to implement and take part in charity activities in line with our values in the countries where we operate. 

Contributions to local communities can be made in different formats, from financial to skills or in-kind support. It promotes sharing, social bonding and fosters creativity and innovation. Finally, they give meaning to daily work of employees and lead to the emergence of a true dialog between stakeholders at community level.

There are several charity projects in the Group. In 2016, thanks to Neopost employees’ strong commitment on several initiatives, more than 210,000 euros have been collected for general-purpose projects led by local associations and foundations. At the same time, a large number of employees throughout the world have dedicated their time to support causes dear to their heart.