Our key figures

Diversity, fairness and respect

Neopost is proud of its multicultural workforce. As we thrive on diversity and complementary skills, Neopost offers equal employement opportunities to all employees and applicants. We forbid any discrimination with reference to age, race, gender, ethnic or social origin, nationality, language, religion, health, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, political or philosophical opinion, veteran or other status, trade union membership or other characteristics protected by applicable laws and regulations. All employees, regardless of their job title or level, must be treated fairly in matters affecting promotion, training, hiring and compensation.

We have set high ethical standards for everyone who acts on behalf of the Group and we strictly prohibit any acts of violence, harassment and bullying, whether done by an employee or a non-employee. We also promote a positive, harmonious and professional working environment.

People development

Neopost is committed to developing employability, to fostering internal mobility and to preserving a good work/life balance for its employees. 

Neopost strives to maintain its employees’ employability by enriching their experience, their abilities and their qualifications. Thus, training schemes, set up locally by the Group’s entities, provide support to the employees’ development and help at anticipating the need for new skills. Our people are entitled to regular feedback and performance reviews, helping them to define their career development plan and to identify any learning, training and support needed. 

Internal mobility is a priority for Neopost. The Group offers international career opportunities on a regular basis by creating business gateways and by advertising about open positions internally.

Neopost encourages a healthy work/life balance through remote working, telecommuting, flexible working hours and overtime compensation, as long as the options remain compatible with the nature and the aim of a given work position and comply with applicable laws. 

Open dialog

Neopost fosters open dialog and relationships with its employees wherever it operates. An employee engagement survey, which allows everyone to express personal opinions, is conducted every two years. The results are analysed and consequently each manager defines with his/her team the needed actions to maintain or improve working aspects. At the European level, a committee has been set up to exchange information. Its objective is to strenghten dialogue and exchange of views between the Direction and the European employees’ representatives of the Group.

Health and Safety at Work

Providing a safe workplace for our employees, contractors and guests and safeguarding them from injuries or accidents are key priorities for us. Neopost companies have the duty, beyond their obligation to comply with local regulations, to ensure the workplace health and safety of their employees by implementing the relevant actions, rules and procedures applicable to their activities. This is why we set appropriate measures and we ensure the strict respect of safety regulations. These measures take into account the necessary investments to improve the ergonomics of all workstations, to provide and to renew protection equipment and to conduct regular internal training to inform and create awareness on safety for all employees.

Since 2006, the Group is OHSAS 18001 certified, mainly for its industrial sites. This certification, issued by an independent third party, demonstrates Neopost’s commitment to the health and safety of its employees. Renewed every year, OHSAS 18001 also reflects the Group’s continued improvements in the areas of health and safety at work.