Our commitment at a glance

Focus on customers 

97.5% of Neopost's customers say they are satisfied on Mailing and Document Systems according to the latest global survey conducted in 2018.

Satisfying our customers means above all listening to their concerns and providing them with all our support to meet their needs. This is one of the Group's core values. As a trusted partner, we want to provide them with a high quality service and we offer them the best possible support in the definition and implementation of appropriate solutions. With this in mind, Neopost has put in place an effective customer-listening approach based on two waves of annual surveys in order to regularly evaluate the quality of its products and the level of its services. The reasons for satisfaction and dissatisfaction of our customers are thus analyzed and highly targeted improvement programs are set according to the needs of the different markets.

At the same time, listening to customers is also fundamental to support the Group's digital transformation. It results in the deployment of specific surveys which provide faster customers' feedback on related solutions and services.

Respect for Fundamental Human Rights

Neopost runs its business with great respect for the fundamental principles set forth in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the labor standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO). We strongly condemn:

  • Modern slavery and the traffic of human beings
  • All forms of illegal, forced or compulsory labour, in particular child labour
  • Discrimination in respect of employment and occupation
  • Restriction of freedom of association and the right to collective action

We ensure that our operations comply with our Code of Ethics through our procedures and internal control systems including regular operating reviews, risk management, internal audits and suppliers’ assessments. 

Business Ethics 

Transparency and loyalty are part of our ethical standards and are inspiring our course of actions. Moreover, integrity in business relationships with our partners, suppliers, customers and competitors is an ongoing concern to which we pay particular attention. In this context, Neopost rejets all forms of corruption in all of its business transactions. This includes cases of conflict of interest, bribery, extortion, fraud, abuse of power, embezzlement, and money laundering. 

A document establishing the Group internal policy dedicated to conflicts of interest has been drawn up in addition to internal controls which include a requirement that managers annually sign a specific disclosure form. Furthermore, an anti-fraud scheme has been deployed within the Group. 

Responsible procurement

Neopost seeks to forge mutually beneficial partnerships with its suppliers, and to conduct responsible, ethical and sustainable business with them. It tries to only work with partners that share the Company’s values and apply equivalent ethical rules. The Group requires all suppliers to comply with applicable laws and regulations, the conventions of the International Labor Organization and our current purchasing policy.

Suppliers are selected carefully, fairly and equitably. They are chosen according to an established purchasing strategy, or call for tenders, based on their ability to fulfill our requirements in terms of quality, price, service, reliability, technology, safety, the environment and ethical values. The Group also endeavours not to create a situation of mutual dependency with respect to sales, technology and know-how.

In 2016, the Group revised its purchasing policy in order to better explain its expectations regarding corporate social responsibility, described in a new supplier Code of conduct. Besides, a production supplier evaluation campaign has been undertaken in 2017 and will be gradually extended to all our suppliers.

Information security and data protection

Beyond smart machines processing traditional mail, our portfolio now includes solutions and software dedicated to digital communications management or aimed at facilitating parcel processing. Thus, Neopost handles large quantities of confidential information every day and protecting them has always been of very high concern for the Group when dealing with protection of postal transactions, customers' data or our own data.

Aware of the consequences of a security failure in its operations, Neopost has deployed information security policies setting our requirements for the appropriate and secure use of our own data and those entrusted to us by our stakeholders. The Group is currently implementing a certification program based on the ISO 27001 standard, in particular for its digital solutions development activities. We have also created a project team dedicated to the integration of the new European regulation on data protection - GDPR - into our practices (regulation n ° 2016/679, known as the general data protection regulation) and updated our General Personal Data Protection Policy