Neopost appreciates and nurtures the human side of business. We create an environment where our people can creatively collaborate in order to better serve our customers.


We believe in providing the means for our customers to drive business faster and more effectively. As a faithful partner customers can trust 100%, we are always there to support, reassure and guide them through any business communication management challenge. Our people listen with empathy to our customers’ concerns and respond rapidly to their needs. They never give up until the customer’s problem is solved and follow up by maintaining a long term relationship.


We believe in full commitment, not half-measures. Our success, as well as that of our customers, can only be accomplished when our people respect each other and collaborate to achieve our goals. We put team goals first and develop a culture that fosters and rewards collaborative behavior. We believe that a team is always more successful than individual efforts.


We are creative and resourceful; we empower our people to act in new ways. We’re not afraid to take a risk and we’re always ready to try something new. Our people are open to new ideas so that they can continuously respond to customers’ evolving needs. All of this is possible because we accept failure in
order to favor learning and improvement. This entrepreneurial spirit enables us to be a proactive partner, helping our customers master new technology and seize new business opportunities.


We know that today’s fast‑moving world is not always predictable. That’s why we remain flexible. We use our experience and expertise to adapt to new challenges and situations and to identify new opportunities for our customers. We encourage our people to go one step further and exceed expectations. Our people are accountable for the tasks they carry out and do not compromise on quality.