Voice of the Employee

We thrive on diversity and complementary competencies. We take pride on our multicultural workforce and build up on it to continuously encourage innovation, creativity and collaboration. 
In our Code of Ethics, we describe our commitment to developing employability, fostering internal mobility and preserving a good work/life balance for our employees.

Read some inspiring testimonials of women and men of Neopost, about their career, their motivations in life and what drives them in their daily work.

George Hoffman

Inside Sales Specialist for Neopost USA

George Hoffman is an Inside Sales Specialist, in charge of launching our SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions for the insurance sector in the USA. He joined the Quadient team, in charge of Neopost’s digital solutions, back in May 2018, with the objective to start a brand new team. A great and exciting challenge for this specialist with a strong skills set, built for the past 12 years in Sales and SaaS business.
“I had never started and built a team from scratch. I knew it would be an interesting and challenging experience.”
As part of the onboarding experience, George along with all new hires for that period was invited to visit the Toronto, Canada, office for a memorable welcome event. It was great to be able to spend some time with his current team and get to better know his teammates. Overall it was a delightful experience. And mostly, as a remote employee, it was for him an invaluable way to bond with his team. Additionally, it was a big help towards better understanding the company structure and contributions made by each department.
“In my opinion, it’s key to have a well-oiled onboarding process. It sets the tone for your experience as an employee, and I definitely experienced that at Neopost.”
George is in a home-based role and working remotely has been a great experience for him. He really enjoys interacting with his team from his home office and feels like he’s well-connected with his coworkers. Being able to interact with his team on a daily basis is invaluable and creates a real sense of a teamwork, even though the whole team is in various locations in the USA.
“There is a true sense of unity in the company. It’s nice to see that everyone is working towards the same goals. It really is impressive to see how well we work as a team considering that we’re not all based in the same office.”
Along with the company culture and the close relationship he has built with his colleagues, George enjoys the missions he has. Passionate about his job, he likes the contact with potential customers, when he can run demos and show them the assets of the products. He loves seeing the spark in the prospects’ eyes, when he knows that he got their interest and has the right solution for their problem.
“What drives me is the challenge of getting that new customer, day after day. In a few months-time, it will be exciting to look back and say that I am among the first ones to have initiated this business in the USA.”

Zahra Zahedikermani

Product Manager for Neopost

Zahra is from Iran and moving to another country 10 years ago was for her the same feeling as hatching and evolving to become something bigger. At this time she discovered a passion for the French language and studied hard to master it. This experience totally changed her view on the world.
Joining Neopost in 2018 was another big transformation in her life. With a background on software solutions for workforce management for retail and also in car engineering, she went through the interview process quickly and smoothly, finding herself in a fast-moving company with a start-up spirit she could relate to.
“Neopost is a company focused on innovation, developing new products with no fear of trying new things, being bold and being fast.”
Another interesting aspect she appreciates a lot at Neopost is the possibility of working in an international environment, being surrounded by people from different countries with different cultures.
“At Neopost, I love working in an international environment, being in contact with people from different countries, in Europe and the rest of the world.”
The values are strong and the employees believe in Neopost’s missions. Each and every one is engaged to achieve individual and company goals, having the tools to succeed like transparency, collaboration and process automation.
In our current era, companies work hard to achieve efficiency and increase productivity, and I think that what we offer is successful in helping them achieving that.”
Zahra has found her place naturally within the team from the beginning, and she has appreciated the variety of topics she can work on, never feeling bored.
“There is a culture of collaboration, a feeling of being selfless and that we are all part of the same team. People do their jobs but also make sure everyone feels good. When I joined the team, I felt that I could easily find friends here.”
Product management can be challenging, as there are tight deadlines to meet and follow-ups to do with different people at different positions. But she is happy because she can have a real impact and lead the change, share freely new ideas with her manager and experience new ways of doing things.
“I consider every product I work on like my ‘Neokids’. It is very rewarding to see them grow and be adopted by a large number of companies and users.”
Zahra has a lot of different little pleasures that makes her day fun: joking with her colleagues, playing ping-pong during lunch break, growing plants at the office. All these little things that make her work every day more enjoyable.
“This is what makes our daily life at Neopost fun and relaxed. It contributes to a better performance. Here I can be my natural self while doing my job.”
Zahra feels happy and more confident because she knows she can fail and ask questions: she will get the support from her team and her manager at any time.
“When you want to launch a new product, it is very important to keep in mind that failure is part of the innovation process. Neopost give us the possibility to grow by learning even from failures.”

Maria Tørnbald

Customer Relation Manager for Neopost Denmark

“My personal motto is: ‘next is now’. Anything that needs to be done has to be done now. Market shift and fast change demand flexibility, one day is never the same as the previous one.”
Maria Tørnblad is a former Neopost franking machines customer. She worked for the Danish Post and had weekly contacts with Neopost Denmark, so often that they ended up offering her to join the team. This is how 10 years ago she started as a Customer Account Relations, fulfilling back-office tasks such as providing phone support and ordering supplies for customers.
“I can always get help as everyone is next door and we know each other. It's all about helping out, I believe it's a strength.”
Now she is in charge of managing the Customer Care Center and Local Operational Teams in her role of Customer Relations Manager for Neopost Denmark.
“I need to feel free to openly discuss things and have freedom to talk about my concerns. At Neopost I can express my opinion, make a difference and impulse change.”
She still has a lot of interaction with customers, as she needs that direct contact to understand what is happening and understand what the team deals with on a daily basis.
“I feel and appreciate to have that direct contact with customers, you get inspired by that too.”
Part of a team of approximately 50 people working in a great collective spirit, Maria remembers her first week with flowers on her desk, everything ready and professional when she arrived, what she describes as a great welcome. It is still something the team does today for every new person joining.
“My colleagues are a big part of waking up and going to work in the morning. Even after a 3-weeks holidays leave, I am excited to meet them again in the morning.”
What Maria appreciates most working at Neopost is that if you want to, if it's in your DNA, it's easy to evolve in career. She became the manager of the Customer Support Team she belonged to, after having fulfilled different positions in the team for several years.
“I feel lucky to have great managers and if you prove that you're motivated and capable, they give you the means to evolve. Our company culture gives you this kind of opportunity. We appreciate and rely on each other's strengths.”

Wesley Grahl

Channel Specialist for Neopost Shipping

Wesley Grahl is a Channel Specialist. He joined the company in April 2018 to support the Neopost USA sales teams while they transition into selling the ProShip shipping and tracking solution to traditional Neopost customers, small and medium businesses. Until recently, ProShip was exclusively sold by sales specialists from the Neopost Shipping’s team in the USA.
“I've been working towards this goal to build a sales pipeline, developing training pieces for the sales teams and providing guidance and visibility on the market.”
Wesley’s contribution has been key to help them through adequate training in qualifying leads, as it requires a different methodology from the portfolio of Neopost products they usually sell.
“I came from the Safety market world with a different audience and terminology, so when I joined I had to focus and get prepared as much as I could to support the teams.”
During his onboarding period, he could rely on the ProShip product team, based in the same Brookfield office.
“The overall atmosphere is very positive, everyone is available to support and answer questions. Everyone is geared towards common goals and communality, which was really helpful when I arrived.”
Selling the ProShip solution is quite a new experience to Neopost USA’s sales teams. They had expectations on better knowing the product to facilitate sales and feel truly confident when presenting the benefits of ProShip to their customers. The outcome of Wesley Grahl’s activities has been very positive: trainings have been helpful, he’s seen better leads and more leads coming through, and sales teams have confirmed they have a better understanding of what the solution does. He is now moving forward with supporting Neopost Canada in the same process.
“Neopost offers the opportunity to integrate an environment that is growing and to be involved in diverse customer processes. As the company continues to grow, there are different areas you can look towards in terms of career.”

Mattias Röing

HR Generalist for the Nordic District

People-oriented and with an adventurous spirit, Mattias went backpacking through Central America during 4 months, with the objective to discover new cultures and people but also to undertake an introspection about himself. At the end of his journey, Mattias went back home to Stockholm (Sweden) and decided to look for a new job in the domain he felt happy with, HR. He joined Neopost in September 2018.
“Management was essential in my decision to join Neopost. During the interview process, my manager made my choice easy, it felt safe and exciting.”
As an HR Specialist, he works on a daily basis in various and engaging projects: from recruiting to coaching, he is also the key point of contact for the different Neopost departments. The challenge is big and very exciting for him. Indeed he is in charge of supporting no less than the management, marketing, sales, and back office teams.
“I’m thankful for my colleagues, who were so welcoming and introduced me to the company, they made me feel like part of the family.”
On top of that, since he joined, Mattias has been implementing coaching activities and sports in the company: projects he wanted to work on for a long time.
“From my perspective, Neopost is great! It’s an international company, with worldwide exposure, this is what made me decide to join Neopost. In the same way, I feel like a member of a small family, everyone is connected to each other, you find a family atmosphere in a worldwide company”.

Samantha Turrin

Entreprise Sales Manager for Quadient

Samantha Turrin is Italian and lives in Milano. She is glad to be in that period in life when she feels she can undertake whatever she wants and focus on what is important to her.
“To be happy I need to be a protagonist, share ideas, and people here tell me that this is a positive thing.”
Samantha was a customer of our digital solutions in her previous work. In that context, she already knew and appreciated the team in our digital division, Quadient. At that time she already thought that Neopost was making the right decision to move into the customer experience solutions market.
“You can be the change that the company needs from day one. You feel the change and that people are genuinely happy.”
In August 2018, she decided to join Quadient Italy. After having managed large teams for many years, moving to an Enterprise Sales Manager role allowed her to reconnect with the excitement of closing deals and helping customers at executive level to move from document composition into customer experience and digitalization.
She’s now happy to be in a position where she can be useful, and contribute through her experience to business growth in a company that respects every person's style.
“Since I joined, I feel I came back to my true self. I can have my own style with the freedom to organize my work as I wish, keeping the company’s objectives in mind.”

Chrystelle Verlaguet

Digital Solutions Director for Neopost France

Jérôme Modolo

Group R&D and Innovation Director

Tim Hucke

Sales Executive for ProShip USA

Tom Edgerton

Financial Services Client Executive for Quadient