Voice of the Employee

We thrive on diversity and complementary competencies. We take pride on our multicultural workforce and build up on it to continuously encourage innovation, creativity and collaboration. 
In our Code of Ethics, we describe our commitment to developing employability, fostering internal mobility and preserving a good work/life balance for our employees.

Read some inspiring testimonials of women and men of Neopost, about their career, their motivations in life and what drives them in their daily work.

Mattias Röing

HR Generalist for the Nordic District

People-oriented and with an adventurous spirit, Mattias went backpacking through Central America during 4 months, with the objective to discover new cultures and people but also to undertake an introspection about himself. At the end of his journey, Mattias went back home to Stockholm (Sweden) and decided to look for a new job in the domain he felt happy with, HR. He joined Neopost in September 2018.
“Management was essential in my decision to join Neopost. During the interview process, my manager made my choice easy, it felt safe and exciting.”
As an HR Specialist, he works on a daily basis in various and engaging projects: from recruiting to coaching, he is also the key point of contact for the different Neopost departments. The challenge is big and very exciting for him. Indeed he is in charge of supporting no less than the management, marketing, sales, and back office teams.
“I’m thankful for my colleagues, who were so welcoming and introduced me to the company, they made me feel like part of the family.”
On top of that, since he joined, Mattias has been implementing coaching activities and sports in the company: projects he wanted to work on for a long time.
“From my perspective, Neopost is great! It’s an international company, with worldwide exposure, this is what made me decide to join Neopost. In the same way, I feel like a member of a small family, everyone is connected to each other, you find a family atmosphere in a worldwide company”.

Samantha Turrin

Entreprise Sales Manager for Quadient

Samantha Turrin is Italian and lives in Milano. She is glad to be in that period in life when she feels she can undertake whatever she wants and focus on what is important to her.
“To be happy I need to be a protagonist, share ideas, and people here tell me that this is a positive thing.”
Samantha was a customer of our digital solutions in her previous work. In that context, she already knew and appreciated the team in our digital division, Quadient. At that time she already thought that Neopost was making the right decision to move into the customer experience solutions market.
“You can be the change that the company needs from day one. You feel the change and that people are genuinely happy.”
In August 2018, she decided to join Quadient Italy. After having managed large teams for many years, moving to an Enterprise Sales Manager role allowed her to reconnect with the excitement of closing deals and helping customers at executive level to move from document composition into customer experience and digitalization.
She’s now happy to be in a position where she can be useful, and contribute through her experience to business growth in a company that respects every person's style.
“Since I joined, I feel I came back to my true self. I can have my own style with the freedom to organize my work as I wish, keeping the company’s objectives in mind.”

Chrystelle Verlaguet

Digital Solutions Director for Neopost France

Jérôme Modolo

Group R&D and Innovation Director

Tim Hucke

Sales Executive for ProShip USA

Tom Edgerton

Financial Services Client Executive for Quadient