Audit Committee

Under the exclusive and collective responsibility of the Board of directors, the Audit Committee must monitor issues related to the establishment and control of accounting and financial information.
The Audit Committee consists of Éric Courteille (Chairman), William Hoover Jr. and Hélène Boulet-Supau, all three independent directors.
The Committee met three times in 2017. The attendance rate was 89%.

Appointments and Remuneration Committee

The Appointments Committee was merged with the Remuneration Committee in 2018, the two bodies handling highly complementary issues.
This new Committee’s responsibility is notably to give an opinion on the independence of directors and to pre-select Board candidates and the future Chairman or Chief Executive Officer. It also makes proposals to the Board of directors regarding directors’ fees, the remuneration of Group executives and the allocation of stock options and free shares.
This Committee consists of Vincent Mercier (Chairman), Virginie Fauvel and Hélène Boulet-Supau, all three independent directors.
The Remuneration Committee and the Appointments Committee met respectively three and six times in 2017 with an attendance rate of 100%. 

Strategy and Corporate Responsibility Committee

A Strategy and Corporate Responsibility Committee was created in 2018.
The Board of Directors relies on this new Committee for topics relating to the strategy and its implementation. This Committee consists of Richard Troksa (Chairman), Nathalie Wright, Vincent Mercier.