International management team

The senior management team around Geoffrey Godet, CEO, has a very extensive international experience. Its members are united in their determination to successfully transform the Group against a complex background, from the steady decline in traditional mail to the emergence of opportunities generated by the dematerialization of exchanges and the robust growth in parcel volumes.

Meet the management team

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Neopost S.A. has ten members who are predominantly independent. Its role is to examine and approve the strategic directions taken by the Group. 
The women and men of our Board of Directors have been selected for their experience in strategic business development, their expertise they have is all relevant areas of our business, combined with the international scope of their careers.

Apart from the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer, all the members are independent. They come from major French or international companies acting in the fields of e-commerce, banking, software and consulting.

The Board of Directors is supported in its work by three dedicated committees: the appointments and remuneration committee, the strategy and corporate responsibility committee and the audit committee.

Meet our Board of Directors